The Norfolk Domesday occupies folios 109-280 of Little Domesday Book which Alecto Historical Editions has now published in facsimile to complement its edition of Great Domesday. Like the companion volumes for Essex and Suffolk, the Norfolk text is accompanied by a newly commissioned translation and indices, which draw on the latest Domesday scholarship, an introduction, and large scale map of Domesday Norfolk.

The Norfolk text is one of the most difficult to interpret in the whole of the Domesday corpus. It has been extensively used by historians of the eleventh century, but there are still many problems to be resolved. In the introduction David Roffe explores the interpretative possibilities of the text in the light of new insights into the making of Little Domesday Book and its purpose. The publication of this near-perfect facsimile will aid historians to resolve many of the outstanding problems. For the lecture that David Roffe delivered at the book launch, click here.

The Norfolk Domesday is available in the County Edition from Alecto Historical Editions at 495 and in the Library Edition of the whole of Little Domesday Book at 2500.