adulterine - (of castles) illegal.


alms, grant in - grant of land to a priest or religious community quit of all service.


appropriation - the permanent assignment of spiritualities to a religious community.


assarting - clearance of woodland for agriculture.


assized rents - a fixed rent.


bondage - tenure by the services of a villein.


book out - the creation of 'freehold' land in Anglo-Saxon England by the issue of a charter or book.


bordar - smallholder, waged labourer.


bovate - one eighth of a carucate.


capital messuage - a lord's house, the administrative centre of an estate.


caput - the adminsitrative centre of an honour or fee.


carucate - a notional measure of land, a ploughland, used for taxation purposes.


carucation - assessment of land for taxation in terms of carucates and bovates.


cell - a daughter house of a religious community.


curia - courtyard, manor house complex.


daywork - the obligation to work for one, two, or three days on the lord's demesne..


demesne - the lord's home farm or estates which a lord kept in his own hands.


drengage - a pre-Conquest ministerial tenement.


enfeoffment - the grant of a fee to a tenant in return for feudal service.


escheat - reversion of land to a feudal superior.


farmer - the holder of an estate who renders a fixed rent to its owner.


fee - an estate held in perpetuity for a feudal service.


fee farm - an estate held in perpetuity for a fixed rent.


forinsec service - service due to a lord outside of an estate.


honour - a group of estates held by a tenant-in-chief which rendered services to a single caput.


inland - land in demesne.


inquisition post mortem - an offical survey of the income and estates of a lord holding by feudal service.


knight's fee - a fee held for the service of a knight in the feudal army.


manorialisation - the imposition of a manorial economy on sokeland.


mesne tenant - intermediate tenant or subtenant.


ministerial tenement - an estate held for a personal service to a lord.


sergeancy - tenure in return for a personal service to a lord.


shire - a large estate made up of a number of vills, an early administrative unit, and subsequently a county.


spiritualities - sources of income, such as tithes and mortuary fees,  which accrued to a priest or religious community in the prerformance of religious duties.


soke - jurisdiction, a liberty, or land within such a liberty.


sokeman - a tenant of land in soke who holds by the service of suit of court (qv), occasional labour dues, and sundry rents and tributes.


subenfeof - create a subtenancy in return for a service.


suit of court - the duty of attending a lord's court to do justice.


thane - pre-Conquest tenant, sometimes of high, sometimes of low status.


tenant-in-chief - a lord who held his lands directly from the king.


terrier - land survey or noisy dog.


twelve-carucate hundred - the Lincolnshire equivalent of the vill.


vill - a unit of local government akin to the modern civil parish.


villein - tenant who owed daywork and sundry other onerous services to his lord in return for his land.


wapentake - a subdivsion of a county peculiar to the Danelaw.