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There are many thousands of pages that cite Domesday evidence. The following have been selected (from those found) on the ground of their relevance to the study of Domesday as an historical source. Reference to others would be welcome.




Domesday Explorer

By far the best introduction and topic-by-topic commentary on all aspects of Domesday studies. Comments on and contributes to many Domesday debates

Domesday Book and Beyond

The first part of F. W. Maitland’s classic study, still the touchstone for much in Domesday studies

Domesday Studies I

Domesday Studies II

The Domesday Commemoration Committee's conference proceedings, ed. by P. E. Dove, of 1886

National Archives

PRO Virtual Museum, introduction and images

Domesday Book: History Magazine

Popular introduction by Victoria King (2001)

Le Domesday Book

A French view (lang. French)

Domesday England

A balanced introduction by Steve Muhlberger

Domesday and the Normanization of England 

Article by Geoff Boxell

Domesday Book 

A 'democratic' view from Wikipedia. Some insights, but many popular misconceptions





Bibliography: Electronic Edition of Domesday Book

Bibliography of the works cited in the notes to the Electronic Edition of Domesday Book produced by by John Palmer et al at Hull

Domesday Explorer

Topic by topic recapitulates and updates David Bates’ Domesday Bibliography of 1986

Society of Antiquaries

References in local publications

Medieval Genealogy 

Sources and links 


Texts, translations, and data sets


Domesday Book

The complete Alecto facsimile, the best available, and translation, but searchable only by place-name or personal name. A fee of £3.50 is charged for each page view

Domesday Book Online

This site aims to provide a complete translation online. At the moment, however, it has a partial list of Domesday place-names and landholders only

Domesday Extracts

Facsimile and translation, from the Alecto edition, of any Domesday entry. Delivered by email or post for a fee

Hull Domesday data sets

Professor John Palmer's Domesday data sets, available for download in Access format or in a tab-separated text files

GDB 238a

Facsimile and translation of the account of Warwick


Text (lang. Latin) of an eleventh-century inquisition of St. Augustine's, Canterbury, one of the Kent ‘satellites’

The Textus Roffensis

Facsimile of an early 12th-century memorandum book which includes two pre-Domesday documents

Medieval Source Book I

‘Domesday Book 1086 - Instructions and Extract’, translation

Medieval Source Book II

The account of Heacham, Norfolk, translation

Alecto edition

Information on modern printed facsimile, translation (now available in one volume), introductory essays, county essays

Phillimore edition

Information on re-print of the Record Commission transcript of 1783 with a translation ‘in modern English’ and entry-by-entry notes

Middlesex Domesday

VCH translation of the Middlesex section of GDB

Review of Domesday Book and the Law

Emily Zack Tabuteau’s review of Robin Fleming’s book that abstracts the legal material from DB

Domesday Texts

David Roffe on the interrelation of the various Domesday texts

Little Domesday Book, Norfolk

David Roffe on Norfolk, LDB, and GDB

Domesday place-name forms

A list of place-name forms, variously arranged, compiled by Keith Briggs

Worcestershire database (Worcs)

Domesday data for Worcestershire compiled by F. Crompton, registration necessary and fee may be payable



Domesday Book on CDROM


The Digital Domesday

The complete Alecto edition with search engine. For the rationale of the project, see See Domesday Book: from 888 parchment folios to four CD-Roms by Henrietta Pearson and the reviews by David Roffe and Stephen Baxter (fee)

Domesday Explorer

GDB sections of Phillimore edition with sophisticated search and analysis engine. See reviews by David Roffe and Stephen Baxter (fee)

COEL database

The complete Domesday personal names with all related documentation up to 1166. The database is reviewed by Alastair Dunning. The database manual can be downloaded from the COEL website

Domesday Databases

An essay on the design of Domesday databases by David Roffe

MacDomesday Book

A review article of DB databases by Robin Fleming and Andrew Lowerre, from Past and Present, 184, August 2004 (fee)


Dating and purpose


The Purpose of Domesday Book: a Quandary

W. E. Kapelle’s review of current ideas up to 1992

Domesday Book

Sally Harvey’s review of current ideas in 1986

Domesday: the Inquest and the Book

Essay by David Roffe arguing that the production of Domesday Book was a different enterprise from the Domesday inquest

Reviews of Domesday: the Inquest and the Book

By Stephen Baxter, John Palmer, Emily Albu, and The Contemporary Review, with a reply by David Roffe.

Review of Domesday Book, eds Hallam and Bates

Essays on new perspectives in Domesday studies reviewed by C. Lewis



Prosopography and genealogy


Corrections to K S B Keats-Rohan's 'Domesday' Series

Additions to and corrections of Domesday People and Domesday Descendents

The Conqueror and His Companions

By J. R. Planché (London, 1874). Out of date. Beware!

Hereward 'the Wake' and the Barony of Bourne: a Reassessment of a Fenland Legend

Article by David Roffe

Domesday Book and the Early Sewells

The name Sewell, article by Eric Sewell.



Society and Economy


King’s thegns of England

Lists of principal pre-Conquest holders of land by county.

Domesday Economy

J. McDonald and G. Snooks’ analysis of 1986, complete text of book (subscription only).

Economy of England at the Time of the Norman Conquest

Essay by J. McDonald

Tax Fairness in Eleventh-Century England

Essay by J. McDonald, from The Accountng Historians Journal, June 2002.

Using William the Conqueror's Accounting Record to Assess Manorial Efficiency

Essay by J. McDonald, from Accounting History, Vol. 10, No. 2, 125-145

Review of J. McDonald, Production Efficiency in Domesday England

By Maristella Botticini.

The Suitability of Domesday Book for Cliometric Analysis

Article by McDonald and Snooks, Economic History Review, 2nd ser. 40 (1987), 252-61

Brought to Book: Lordship and Land in Anglo-Saxon England

Essay by David Roffe with analysis of Domesday tenures and lordship.

Great Britain Historical GIS Project

Map of Domesday villeins in Cambridgeshire.

Mapping Domesday Book Using GIS

Article by Andrew Lowerre on the application of GIS technology, illustrated with sample maps of Northants, Cambs, Hunts, and Beds

Gazetteer of markets and fairs in England to 1516

Compiled by Samantha Letters; much on Domesday markets

The Ploughland and the Plough

Essay on land, ploughs, and taxation by David  Roffe



Regional studies


Danelaw assemblies

Essay by Sam Turner.

The Normans in South Wales

Monograph by Lynn H. Nelson, 1966.

Nottinghamshire and the North: a Domesday Study (Notts)

Monograph by David Roffe



Local studies


Appleby Magna (Derbys)

Identification of Burton Abbey’s lands by Richard Dunmore

Witham (Essex)

Monograph by Janet Gyford

Burg: a lost Lincolnshire place found? (Lincs)

Identification of a lost DB place

Lissingleys and the Meeting Place of Lindsey (Lincs)

Tenure in vicinity of central place

Osbournby (Lincs)

Interlocking patterns of soke

Rand (Lincs)

Tenure and minster churches

Stamford: the development of an Anglo-Scandinavian borough (Lincs)

Article by C. M. Mahany and David Roffe; Domesday boroughs in the Northern Danelaw, burghal tenure

Washingborough (Lincs)

Comital estates and boroughs

Domesday Middlesex

Introduction to the Domesday Survey, VCH Middlesex

The Domesday Book castle LVVRE (Salops)

Article by Keith Briggs

Domesday Somerset (Soms)

Sections on towns, population, mills, and minor industries.

The Surrey Domesday

An on-going analysis of the Surrey Domesday by Patrick Molineux

The Domesday Survey (Sussex)

Essay by Nick Austin