CTH 4/121

An indenture made between Matilda, formerly wife of Hugh de Moreton, and William, son and heir of the same Hugh, of the one part, and Hugh Grene, merser, of Congulton of the other part. Witnesseth namely that the aforesaid Matilda and William grant and to farm demise to the said Hugh Grene, his heirs, and assigns, one tenement lying in the town of Congulton, between a tenement of the said Matilda on the one part and the Chapel-lane on the other part, with a garden adjacent, and all commodities, turbaries, and other profits pertaining to the said tenement; to have and to hold the same to the aforesaid Hugh Grene, his heirs, and assigns for the term of twenty years next following the date of these present writings, commencing on the feast of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist 18 Henry VI [24 June 1440] and paying annually to the said Matilda and William, their heirs, and assigns, eight shillings during the said term.

Witnesses:- Philip Grene, John Spenser, Hugh Moreton, and others. Dated on the feast of the Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary, 18 Henry VI. [15 August 1440].