CTH 4/120

Know all men by this present charter, we, Matilda late wife of Hugh de Moreton of Congulton, esquire, William de Moreton son of the aforesaid Hugh, Elizabeth sister of the aforesaid William have remitted released, and wholly for us and our heirs, forever, have quit-claimed to Philip del Grene of Congulton, his heirs, and assigns all our right and claim which we have or in the future shall have, in a certain parcel of land with appurtenances, lying next to a certain garden belonging to Agnes, late wife of Thomas Ryuem, in the town of Congulton, which parcel of land with appurtenances the said Philip had by the gift and feofment of the aforesaid Agnes, so that neither we, nor our heirs, nor any one in our name shall have any right or claim in the said parcel of land, but by these presents writings be for ever excluded.
Witnesses:- Roger de Moreton mayor of the town of Congulton. John de Arkeled serjeant of the same, Philip del Yale, John Spencer, John Jonssone, and many others. Dated at Congulton the Tuesday after the feast of St. Prisca the Virgin, 6 Henry VI [20 January 1428].