CTH 4/118

Let all present and future know that I, Felicia daughter of William the son of Thomas del Yate, have given, granted, and by this my charter have confirmed to William Alikoc, his heirs, and assigns, one messuage with the buildings erected thereon, lying in the town and territory of Congelton between the tenement of Roger del Yate on the one part and the tenement of Roger Proudglove on the other part, and one acre of land lying in Bromelegh in the same town, between the aforesaid land of Roger del Yate and the land of Randle del Cluff; to have and to hold the aforesaid messuage and land with appurtenances to the said William, his heirs, and assigns freely, quietly, and peaceably, with all liberties, commodities, and easements belonging to the same, making to the chief lords of the fee the services due of right accustomed.
Witnesses:- Roger de Morton mayor, John de Morton catchpole, William de Motlowe, Richard del Bredok, Adam son of Adam, Adam Tyrlark, Philip del Yate and others. Dated at Congelton, Monday after conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary [11 December], 1368.