CTH 3/116

To the Right Worshipful Dr Tobias Wickham, dean of the Cathedrale Church of Yorke and the chapter of the same church now guardians of the spiritualities belonging to the archiepiscopall see of Yorke.

The humble petition of the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the ancient Burrough of Congleton within the parish of Astbury in the county of Chester humbly sheweth

That we having an ancient Chappell of Ease within the said Burrough, for the inhabitants thereof and a settled revenue for the Minister of our said Burrough and the blessed sacraments there usually administered but having no legall authority to bury in the said Chappell and Chappell yard (though a very suitable solye for that purpose) are forced to carry our dead Corpses to the parish Church of Astbury, a mile distant from our said town and so thronged with graves that severall green graves are often forced inconveniently and indecently to be broken up; and we being very populous and having abundance of poor among us, who are usually buried at the townes Charge, doe humbly desire that your worship upon due consideration of the premisses will please to grant us a lycense for making our said Chappell and Chappell yard a burial place; and your humble petitioners shall ever pray.

Thomas Malbone, Mayor

John Walker } Justices

Thomas Spencer}

William Newton } Aldermen

Robert Hobson }

Peter Lingard }

John Smith }

Robert Knight }

Thomas Woolrich }

John Bourne

John Moreton

John Whitaker

William Simcock

John Brooke

John Rathborne

Roger Fletcher

John Keene

John Vardon

Ralph Deane

Thomas Cotton

John Shaw

Roger Spencer

John Markland

Richard Jackson

John Drakeford

William Muskett