CTH 3/113

Henry the VIII by the grace of God kyng of England and of Fraunce, defendor of the feythe and Lord of Irlond: To our trusty and welbelovyd the Justices of Assise, and to all other officers of Chestr’ and to every of theym gretyng, Wheras grevous compleynt ys made unto us on the behalf of our mair and comunalitie of our Towne of Congleton parcel of our duchie of Lancastr’ in our Countie of Chestr’ howe than upon playnts and other suggestyons made bifor you at Chestr’ agenst divers of our sayed Inhitaunts of Congleton aforsayed, Wherupon the officers of Chestr’ aforsayed have distrayned theym at Congleton and in other places within the libertie of our sayed duchie to apper as well at Chestr’ as at Counties, Eyers, Shirifftornes and other Courts within the libertie of Chestr’ against their auncyent charter by our progenitors to theym made and by us confirmed and agenst their auncyent custome ther owte of tyme used to their grete oppression and inquietnes of our sayed tenaunts and Inhitaunts of our sayed Towne of Congleton and in the breche of the libertyes of our sayed duchie. We not wyllyng their auncyent good customes ne the libertie to our sayed duchie to be so ursurped and broken, woll and desir you and natheles charge you that from hensforthe in no wyse ye do distrain any of our sayed tenaunts and Inhabitaunts of our sayed Towne or Lordshipe of Congleton within the libertie of our sayed duchie to apper at Chestr’ or at any of your Countyes, Eyers, Hundreds, Shireffs Tornes or Courts for any maner of cause contrary to their sayed Cherter, Fraunches, and Auncyent customes aforsayed. Not fayling thus to do as ye tender our pleasure Geven at Westmr undir our seale of our sayed duchye the xxvith day of Aprell the xxiiij yer of our Reyne: