CTH 3/112

Thys Indenture made betwyxe Wylliam Brureton Squyer, then mayre of Congulton, with all the commune consell of Burges of the same towne apon the on partye, and John Combarbache of the same towne on the order partye, beyrys wyttenes &c that the forsayd Wylliam Brureton, with all the comune consell of Burges, has gyffon and grauntyd and to ferme sette to the forsayd John Combarbache, one meddooe with all hyt pertenaunces lying negh the water of Dane betwyxe the lond of John Fytton, Squyer, apon the on partye and lond of Wylliam Wylbram apon the oder partye, and the lond of Thomas Grene apon the sothe on the oder partye, to have and to hold the forsayd meyddoe with all hyt pertenaunces to the forsayd John hys yeyres and assyns from the chefe lord of that soyle by servys therefore due and customed by law for evermore, payyng therfore yerely to the forsayd Wylliam Brureton then mayre and to hys successors of the same towne for the tyme beyng there yerely chosunne or those yt shall be chosunne, at the tymes of the yere that ys to wete at the feste of the Natyvyte of Sancte John Baptyste [24 June] and Sancte Martyn in wynter [11 November] by evyn porcyons vi.s viii.d. And yf yt happen the forsayde yerely rent of vi.s viii.d. to be byhynd in parte or in the hole at any of the fests namyt afore by xv days that hyt oghyt to be to payd, then hyt shall be lawfull to the forsayd mayre and hys successers of the same towne in the forsayde meyddoe to streyne, and stressys soo takyn to hold wit hym hent tyll the forsayd rent of vi.s viii.d. be foly payde; and the forsayd William Brureton mayre of the forsayd towne and oure successers with all the comune cousell of the Burgeese of the forsayd towne the sayde meyddoe with hyt pertenaunces to the sayde John hys heyres and assyns agaynz all folke shyn a warrant and ever more defend.

Witnesses:- Wylliam Brureton Squyer mayre of the forsayd towne Alexander Wagge then Baylyffe of the same towne John Rathbon, Hugh Wagge, Hugh Grene and oder_

Gyffon the xxv daye of Januarye 4th yere of King Henre VIIIth. [1513]