CTH 3/103

Charter by which William Moreton son of Hugh Moreton and Robert Chorleton, chaplain, give, grant, and by this their charter confirm to Hugh del Grene, mercer, mayor of the town of Congulton and to his successors, mayors of the same town to be elected, one burgage lying in Congulton between the land of Hugh Luffet of the one part and the half burgage of John Childurley of the other part. To have and to hold the said burgage with its appurtenances to the aforesaid Hugh mayor of the said town and his successors, of the chief lords of the fee by the service thence due and of right accustomed forever. And paying thence annually the whole profit arising to the reparation and sustenance of the Higher Chapel of Congulton, by the view and discretion of each mayor for the time being. And the said William and Robert and their heirs will warrant and forever defend the whole of the said burgage with appurtenances to the said Hugh the mayor and his successors in form aforesaid against all men.
Witnesses:- the aforesaid Hugh then mayor of Congulton, William Madeo the bailiff of the same town, John Spensir, John Barker, Alexander Lathum, and others. Dated on the feast of the purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 31 Henry V1 [2 February 1453].