CTH 3/100

Charter by which John de le Yate tailor remits, releases, and wholly for himself quit-claims to Alexander Lathon mayor of the town of Congulton in the county of Chester, and to the mayors of the same town his successors for the time being, the whole of his right, title, and claim which he has or can have of and in all those lands and tenements with appurtenances which were formerly John de le Yate’s his father in the aforesaid town of Congulton, so that neither he nor his heirs nor any one in their names shall be able to exact, sell, or demand any right title or claim in the said lands and tenements with their appurtenances, but from action of right, title, and demand in the same and in each parcel of the same shall be excluded forever by these present writings.
Witnesses:- John Hankynnesson, Hugh de le Grene, William Madeow, William de Moreton, Hugh de Moreton and others. Dated at Congulton aforesaid 20 October, 29 Henry V1 [1456]