CTH 3/99

Charter by which William Moreton son of Hugh Moreton of Congulton remits, releases, and wholly for himself and his heirs quit-claims to John Henshagh of Congulton, all right and claim which he has, had, or in any manner he could have in future, in one messuage called "Brownswolde" lying within the lordship of Congulton, so that neither the said William nor his heirs nor any one in their name shall be able to have any right or claim in the said messuage with all its appurtenances against the said John, but from all action of right or claim may be excluded for ever by these present writings.
Witnesses:- Hugh Grene then mayor of the town of Congulton, Richard Robynson then bailiff of the same town, John Spencer, Robert Leeke, Hugh Moreton, and others. Dated at Congulton on the feast of St. Scholastica the Virgin, 24 Henry V1 [10 February 1446].