CTH 3/94

Charter by which Roger de Moreton mayor of the town of Congulton, with the common assent of the burgesses and commonalty of the said town, gives and by this present charter confirms to Peter de Heeton the half of one burgage with all its appurtenances and buildings thereon constructed, lying between a burgage of Matilda de Moretonís on the one part and a messuage of John Spenserís on the other part; and the half part of one acre of land lying in "Le Overwestfeld" between the land formerly Robert Arkelydís on the one part, and the land of Robert Lathumís abutting to himself on the other part. To have and to hold the said half burgage and the said half part of an acre of land with all its appurtenances to the aforesaid Peter, his heirs, and assigns forever: Paying annually to the said Roger de Moreton, mayor of the town aforesaid and to his successors who for the times shall be mayors there, 3s 4d of lawful money of England, at the feasts of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist [24 June] and St. Martin in the Winter [11 November] by equal portions to be expended about the reparation and sustenance of the Lower Chapel and bridge of the same town. And if the said rent shall be behind in part or wholly by 15 days, it shall be lawful to the aforesaid mayor and his successors to distrain, and the distresses there taken to retain in his possession until the said rent shall have been fully paid. And if the said rent shall be behind unpaid after either the said terms in which it ought to have been paid, one year and one day if it had been demanded, that then it shall be lawful to the same mayor and his successors to re-enter into the said half burgage and half acre of land and to repossess as in the former state, notwithstanding the said charter and seisin thence had, making nevertheless to the chief lord of the fee the service due and of right accustomed. And the said Roger mayor of the town aforesaid and his successors, the burgesses, and commonalty of the town aforesaid will warrant the same against all men. Dated at Congulton on the feast of St. Valentine the martyr [14 February] 1437.