CTH 3/92

Charter by which Richard de Moreton son of William de Moreton of Congulton gives, grants, and by this his present charter confirms to Philip del Grene of Congulton, mercer, his heirs, and assigns, one acre of land with appurtenances in Congulton, lying in a certain field called Holway. To have and to hold the said acre of land with appurtenaces to the aforesaid Philip, his heirs, and assigns forever of the chief lords of the fee by the service thence due and of right accustomed. And the said Richard and his heirs will warrant and for ever defend the said acre of land with all its appurtenances to the said Philip, his heirs, and assign against all men.
Witnesses:- Peter Wilbram mayor of Congulton, John Childray then bailiff of the same town, John Spensir, John Yate son of Richard Yate, William Jonesson and others. Dated at Congulton the Monday next after the feast of St. George the Martyr, 11 Henry V1 [27 April 1433].