CTH 3/91

Charter by which Ralph de Pedeley son of Jordan de Pedeley of Congulton, by the will of the said Jordan, gives, grants, and by this his present charter confirms to Robert de Arkelyd, mayor of Congulton, and his successors one annual rent of 18d to be received from one plot of land lying between a plot formerly Roger de Pedeley’s of the one part and the bridge of Congulton of the other part. To have and to hold the said annual rent to the said Robert and his successors freely, quietly, well, and in peace forever. And the said Ralph wills and grants that if the said annual rent of 18d shall be behind and unpaid for one year, then it shall be lawful to the said Robert and his successors to enter into the said land and hold and have until the said rent be fully paid, under the following condition, viz that the said Mayor and his successors shall faithfully pay and deliver the said annual rent to the work and sustenance of the Bridge Chapel of Congulton or the emendation of the bridge aforesaid according to their discretion and of the community of the town aforesaid, to the honor of God and health of the souls of the said Jordan and his wife and benefactors for ever. And if it happen the said mayor or his successors detain or withdraw the said rent of 18d that then it shall be lawful to the said Ralph and his heirs to enter into the said rent, notwithstanding the aforesaid grant.
Witnesses: Robert de Arkelyd then mayor of the town aforesaid, Richard de Moreton catchpole, Philip del Grene, John de Spenser, Robert del Yate, John de Glover and others. Dated: at Congulton the Tuesday next after the feast of the purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 2. Hen V1 [7 February 1424].