CTH 2/74

Fine made in the Court at Chester the Monday 9 April 6th William and Mary [1694], before John Combes Esq, deputy of Sir John Trenchard Kt, and Sir Lyttleton Powys Kt, Justices, between Robert Armfield, Nicholas Thornley, William Barlow, and William Watson, querents, and Thomas Vawdrey, Gentleman, and Catherine his wife, Robert Thornley, and Alice his wife, Josiah Barbor and Margaret his wife, Edward Stapleton, Gentleman, and Anna his wife, deforciants, concerning 3 messuages, 3 barns, 3 gardens, and four acres of land and common of pasture and turbary in Macclesfield and Upton, by which the said deforciants acknowledge the right of the said querents to the aforesaid Messuages etc; and the said querents paid to the said deforciants 100 in silver.