CTH 2/73

Indenture tripartite made 15 November, 2nd James II, 1686, between John Boote of Church Coppenhall in the County of Chester, yeoman, of the first part, James Brookes of Congleton in the sayd County, Shoemaker, of the second part, and Ralphe Wagge of Congleton aforesaid, Shoemaker, recites that on the 11th of October last 1686 a fine was levied by which William Peever of Odrode, Yeoman, Thomas Sparrow of Arklid, and Cisley his wife, and Peter Hackney of Congleton, Labourer, acknowledged the right of John Boote to three messuages, three gardens, three orchards, 10 acres of land, five acres of meadow, eight acres of pasture, and common of pasture and Turbary with appurtenances. Now this Indenture witnesseth that the fine so levied shall be adjudged to the uses and purposes, that is to say that Messuage being in West Street, Congleton, late the inheritance of John Leach of Arklid, and its appurtenances to the use of James Brookes, his heirs, and assigns for ever, and as and concerning all that one day work of ground in Congleton in a field called West field, heretofore in the possession of John Hackney and Ellen his wife, to the use of the said Ralph Wagge, his heirs etc. for ever, and for the other Messuages etc. being in Odrode, to the use of John Boote his heirs and assigns for ever.