CTH 2/70

Indenture made 27 March, 36 Charles II [1684] between John Hutchinson rector of Astbury and Robert Knight, gentleman, Mayor of the Borough of Congleton, on behalf of himself and the Aldermen and Burgesses of the said Borough of the other part. Witnesseth that the said John Hutchinson for divers considerations hath demised to the said Mayor and Burgesses all his Tythes of Corn, Grain, and hay, Tythes of Calves, Wool, Lambs, Pigs, Geese, Hemp, Flax, and all white Tythes whatsoever, oblations and Easter Roll yearly coming or happening and due and payable within the said Borough of Congleton, and all that 1 yearly rent payable to the said John Hutchinson out of the Mills of Congleton, holding the same for three whole years, paying yearly to the said John Hutchinson 52 at the two usual feast days.