CTH 2/66

Indenture made the 5th day of October 1655 by which William Rode of Congleton Shoemaker, in consideration of the sum of 13, grants, releases, and conveys to John Oakes of Shanwick, Yeoman, "all and singular that part and porcion of the Messuage, Burgage, or tenement with appurtenances beinge of the Inheritance of the said William Rode, situate and beinge neere unto the high Crosse in Congleton, wherein Thomas Burges of Congleton, Webster, doeth nowe, and then did inhabit and dwell, contayninge these parcells of buyldings, yerds, orchards, and foulds therein, and hereafter herein particularly menconed, that is to say, the Antient dwellinge house with the Chamber over the same and the Buttery standing upon the back-part theire of the entrey or lower flore, the Chamber over the same, and also two bayes of the Barne standinge next the house, and the wast ground at the neerer end theireof, together also with the Moetie and one halfe of the yard orchard and garden as was then and now is meered out and devided, and alsoe the moetie [?] and one halfe of the fould In Common." To hold the same to the said John Oakes his heirs and assigns for ever.