CTH 2/65

Indenture made 4th October 1655 between William Rode of Congleton shoemaker of the one part, and John Oakes of Shanwick yeoman of the other part. Witnesseth that the said William Rode, in consideration of the sum of five shillings in hand paid, hath sold to John Oakes, that portion of the messuage or tenement being of the inheritance of the said William Rode situate and being near to the High Crosse in Congleton, wherein Thomas Burgess of Congleton webster doth now inhabit, containing those parcells of buildings etc hereafter mentioned, that is to say the antient dwelling house with the chamber over the same, and the buttery standing on the back part thereof, the entry or lower flower, the chamber over the same; and also two bayes of the barn standing next the house and the waste ground at the nearer end thereof together with the moytie and one halfe of the yard, orchard, and garden as it is now meered out and divided; also one half of the fould in common. To hold the same for two months.
In witness etc.