CTH 2/61

Fine made in the king’s court at Chester, Monday 3 September, 19 James I [1621], before Sir James Whitelooke, kt, justice of the king, and Sir Henry Townshend, another justice of the king, and others being present, between Thomas Parnell, gentleman, and Ralph Wagge junior, plaintiffs, and Edward Drakeford, gentleman, and Cecilia his wife, deforciants, of one messuage, one garden, one [ ] house, two barns, one acre of land, and common of pasture for all beasts, and common of turbary in Congleton alias Congulton, by which the said Edward and Cecilia acknowledge the right of the aforesaid Thomas Parnell and Ralph Wagge to the said property; for this acknowledgement the said Thomas and Ralph gave to the said Edward and Cecilia one hundred pounds of silver.