CTH 2/56

Charter by which William Drakford of Congleton the younger in accomplishment of an award made by Sir William Brereton, kt, quitclaims to Richard Grene of Congleton aforesaid gentleman, Mathew Moreton gentleman, Richard Spencer gentleman, John Smythe, John Hobson the younger, Thomas Joneson, aldermen of the same town, Henry Haworthe, Elizabeth Plant, Richard Sutton alias Grene, William Wythacars the younger, Robert Wythacars, Edward Bealye, Robert Spencer the elder, Robert Spencer the younger, William Sutton, John Wolfe, Rondull Poynton the elder, Raufe Stubes, Margerye Smythe, Mary Goodwyne, John Smyth the younger, John Cragge, John Lathum,. Raufe Moreton gentleman, and John Cressewell gentleman, all manners of actions as well real as personal against them or any of them the day of the date of these presents.
Dated 7 October, 31 Elizabeth 1589.