CTH 2/54

Letters patent tested at Westminster 16 February 26 Queen Elizabeth [1584], being an exemplification of a decree or record remaining among the records of the Duchy of Lancaster of the 14 February 1583, Hillary Term 26 Elizabeth, reciting that "there hath bene sute lately depending for and on behalf of her Majesty by the relation of William Stubbes against Richard Spencer late Maior of Congleton parcell of her highnesses duchie of Lancaster and others the Commonalty of the said towne for and concerning certain Lands and tenements situate in the said Borough of Congleton commonlie called by the name or names of the Towne lande That is to saie one tenement with the lands thereto belonging called Brownes Wold and also another parcell of land commonly called the Acre. And also one wood commonly called the Acre Wood or Towne Wood. And also a certain parcell of lande now lyinge waste commonly called the Byflatt lyinge nere unto the mylnes there. And also for and concerning the ulnage or sealinge of Clothe And also for the fysshinge of the ryver Daven adjoyninge the said Towne." It is now agreed that the mayor and commonaltie shall have and enjoy the said lands to the use of the Towne by reason of the long possession that they have had, paying yearly to the said William Stubbes, her Majexty’s bailiff there, for 19 years 32/6d of lawful money that is to say 12/6d of olde rent and 20s of new encrease and after the end of 19 years the same to be paid to her Majesty.