CTH 2/52

Writ from Sir John Savage, kt, seneschal of the king for the castle, honour, and fee of Halton, parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster, reciting that by a certain Inquisition taken at Congleton before William Brereton the Tuesday next before the feast of the translation of King Edward, 22 Henry VIII [ ] to inquire why a certain way was stopped up, between Matthew Moreton, plaintiff, and Thomas Grene and Hugh . . . defendants, according to which it appears that the said Mathew Moreton ought to have a reasonable way, but it appears that by another inquisition taken at Congleton the Tuesday next after the feast of the assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 13 Henry VIII [rectius 23 Henry VIII? 22 August 1521], as by the record more fully appears, that nevertheless Richard Grene, alderman of Congleton, at different times after the said inquisition was taken stopped up and impeded Ralph Moreton, son of the aforesaid Mathew, from occupying the said highway contrary to the form of the inquisition aforesaid; therefore the said Sir John Savage commands that the parties shall appear before the mayor on the 19th June at 9 o'clock to inquire by the oaths of 12 lawful men concerning the stopping up of the said way.
Dated 12 May, 2 Edward VI [1548].