CTH 1/44

Indenture made between John Newton, mayor of the town of Congulton with the consent of the burgesses, of the one part and Thomas Chyrcheles of Congulton on the other. Witnesseth that the aforesaid John, with the consent of the burgesses, concedes to farm to the aforesaid Thomas the half of one burgage lying near Horshyppe in the territory of Congulton between the land of Randle Maynwaring on the one part and the land of John Spencer on the other; to have and to hold the same forever, paying annually to John and his successors, mayors of the same town 40 pence.
Witnesses: John Newton then mayor of Congulton aforesaid, Thomas Walkden bailiff of the same town, Hugh Grene, and others.
Dated at Congulton the Friday after the feast of St A1phage, 10 Edward IV [20 April 1470].