CTH 1/42

Indenture made between Hugh Grene, mayor of Congleton, with the common consent and assent of the burgesses, on the one part and John Barker draper of Congulton of the other part. Witnesseth that the aforesaid Hugh, with the consent and assent of the burgesses, demises to farm to the aforesaid John the half part of a burgage, lying between a tenement of Hugh Grene mercer of the one part and a tenement late Henry Brokeshed’s, to have and to hold the said half burgage forever, paying annually to the mayor and his successors 2s.
Witnesses: Hugh Grene mayor of the aforesaid town, Richard Moreton bailiff of the same, John Honkynson, William Madew, and others.
Dated on the vigil of the Circumcision of our Lord, 7 Edward IV [31 December 1467].