CTH 1/37

Charter by which Ralph de Davenport, son of Ralph de Davenport esq., remits, relaxes, and for him and his heirs quitclaims to Hugh del Grene, now mayor of the town of Congulton and his successsors mayors of the same town, the whole of his state, right, and claim which he has, or in the future is capable of having, of and in all those burgages, lands, and tenements with their appurtenances which were formerly Thomas Whithed’s within the town and lordship of Congulton.
Witnesses: William Madywe then bailiff of Congulton, John Spense, Alexander de Lathum, John le Barker, Hugh de Moreton draper, and others.
Dated at Congulton the feast of the Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary 31 Henry VI [8 December 1452].