CTH 1/36

Charter by which William Moreton, son of Hugh Moreton of Congulton, and Robert Chorleton chaplain, remit and quitclaim for them and their assigns forever to Hugh del Grene, mayor of Congulton, and his successors mayors of the said town who for the time are elected, all their right in a certain burgage lying in Congulton between the land of Hugh Luffet (?) of the one part, and the half of a burgage of John Childurley's of the other part.
Witnesses: Hugh del Grene then mayor of Congulton, William Madeo then bailiff of the said town, John Spensir, John Barker, Alexander Lathum, and others.
Dated at Congulton the feast of St Agatha the Virgin, 31 Henry VI [5 February 1453].