CTH 1/30

Order of John Pelham, steward of the Duchy of Lancaster in the south part:
Right dere and welbeloved, I grete you with good harte and wolle that ye understond that a greate suggestion is made of you and of the officers of my lord prynce by the Maire and Comunalitie of Congulton in the Countie of Chestre in the [lordship] of Halton to our soveraign lord the King that the officers aforseid use to destreyne theym to com to your courts and hundreds oute of their Senyoury and fraunchise aggenst their Chartre and auncient custome, to the greate oppression of the seid tenants. And thereupon our soveraign lord the Kyng hath given to me in charge the seid caus. Wherefore I comand and charge you on the behalf of our Soveraign lord the king that neither you nor any of the officers aforesaid distreyne the said tenants of Congulton to com to counties hundreds oyres nor sherrif’s Tournes oute of the seid senyoury agenst their Chartre, ffranchise, and auncyent customes otherwise than they were in the tyme of duc Henry and in the tyme of Prince Edward. This thyng take to your harte as my trust is in you and for your honour and proffite of the same. And our Lord God encrease and maynteigne you in honour joy and helth. Written at Gloucestre in the ffeast of Seynt Kateryn [25 November] by John Pelham, Styward of the Duchy of Lancaster in the south partie.