CTH 1/28

Letters patent of Henry VI dated at Croydon, 29 June 29 of his reign [1451], reciting that it has been shown by the mayor etc. of Congleton that by the impetuous and fluctuating flow of the stream of the River Dane, a great part of the town has become devastated and the king’s mills within his lordship are dilapidated etc., to the great hurt and perpetual destruction of the said town, the king on the supplication of the mayor and community being favourably inclined concedes and licenses that the said mayor etc. may change the course from its ancient place as far as and above another watercourse [fundum] called Biflete within the said lordship, so the water may forever be able to run there, and to construct one, two, or three water, wind, or horse mills; also that the said mayor etc. may hold the said mills so constructed for 10 years without rent, after which time they may hold the same forever at a rent of 26s 8d annually.