CHT 1/25

Charter by which Sir Lawrence Fitton, knight, gives and concedes to Philip Grene mercer of Congulton and to Henry del Broke of Somerforde, two parts of one burgage with the buildings on it, lying in Congulton between a parcel of one burgage on the one part of Randle Maynewaryng and the tenement of John Spenser of the other part; to have and to hold the said two parts etc. to the said Philip and Henry, their heirs, and assigns forever, rendering to the lords of the fee the usual and accustomed services. In witness etc.
These being witnesses:- John Spenser then the mayor of the town of Congulton, John Dene then catchpole of the said town, Roger Moreton, Hugh Grene, Alexander Lathum, John Honkinson, and others. Dated at Congulton on the feast of St Lenard the abbot, 24 Henry VI [6 November 1445].