CTH 1/22

Charter by which John de Chedle of Congulton concedes to Thomas de Chedle his son and Margery daughter of Richard Wagge of the same town, a certain half burgage lying in the town of Congulton between a burgage of the aforesaid John de Chedle on the one part and the third part of one burgage of Henry le Masons on the other part; to have and to hold the same to the said Thomas and Margery and their heirs forever.
These being witnesses:- John le Spenser then mayor of the town of Congulton, Alexander de Lathum, bailiff of the same town, Philip del Grene, John de Arkelyd, William Johnson, John Honkynson, and Robert de Lathum, and others. Dated at Congulton the Monday next after the feast of St Hilary the bishop, 15 Henry VI [14 January 1437].