CTH 1/21

Charter by which Philip del Grene mayor of Congulton, with the assent of the burgesses and community of the town aforesaid, lets to farm for 39 years to Hugh de Morton, his heirs, and assigns, one parcel of a burgage and one half burgage with appurtenances lying within the town of Congulton, viz the aforesaid parcel of a burgage lies between le Melehalle on the one part and the Ston halle on the one part, and the aforesaid half burgage lies between a burgage of John le Spenserís on the one part and a burgage of Thomas del Lawe of the other, paying annually to the said Philip and his successors being mayors of Congulton 6s of silver.
Dated Monday next before the feast saint Michael the archangel, 14.Henry VI [26 September 1435].