CTH 1/20

Charter of King Henry VI by which he concedes and gives his licence for him and his heirs, that there shall be one annual fair in the town of Congleton in the county of Chester, which is parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster, viz in the vigil and feast of the apostles Philip and James and the morrow of the same feast [30 April-2 May], besides, the one other fair there at the feast of St Martin in the Winter [11 November]..
These being witnesses, the Venerable fathers, John, archbishop of Canterbury and primate of all England, our chancellor, H[enry Beaufort] of Winchester our brother, and [Robert ]N[eville] of Salisbury our treasurer, bishops, Edward duke of York, John, earl of Somerset, our brother and chamberlain, William de Roos de Hamelak etc. Dated at Gloucester November 9 of his reign [1430].