CTH 1/15

Charter by which Thomas de Hassale vicar of Sonbach concedes to John del Yate, son of Richard del Yate,

  1. the half of a burgage with a certain hall and one grange built upon it with its appurtenances in Congulton, lying between a burgage late John de Mortonís on the one part and a burgage of John del Cliffe on the other part.
  2. And also the half of his burgage lying opposite the other part of the strate between the burgage of Adam del Dene on the one part and the burgage of John de Morton on the other part.
  3. Also one parcell of land lying between the water called Danehyncill in length and "le Moreway" at the west end of the same land.
  4. And also one croft lying near Welleacre with all its appurtenances.

To have and to hold all the aforesaid burgesses and lands to the said John, his heirs, and assigns forever according to the custom of the manor of Congulton. And the said John del Yate and his heirs shall pay to the making, reparation, emendation, and sustenance of the stone bridge called Congulton bridge and the chapel of the same bridge there situated, by the hands of the said procurators of the same bridge that now is or who for the time may be, annually 6/8d with certain clauses for performance of covenants.
Witnesses Hugh de Lathum then mayor of Congulton, Hugh de Bechynton then catchpole there, Sir Richard de Aston, knight, then seneschal of Halton, Hugh de Morton, Philip del Grene, Ralph de Somerford, William de Morton, Thomas Bisdok, John del Yate glover, Robert del Yate, Adam del Dene, John del Clyffe, Mathew de Sale clerk, and others.
Dated at Congulton the Monday next after the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 8 Henry 1V [7 February 1407].