CTH 1/4

Charter by which Robert de Montalt seneschal of Chester concedes and demises to Ralph the son of William, one messuage with a garden adjoining and two butts with appurtenances in Hawardyn, which Roger Skot held of him for the term of his life, to have and to hold the same together with housebote and haybote in his woods of Hawardyn, by the view and delivery of his bailiffs and his heirs for the time being, and also with the common of pasture near his land, for the term of the life of the aforesaid Ralph of him and his heirs by the service of 22d per annum and making suit at his court at Hawardyn every three weeks and also suit at his mill, there grinding his corn. And in case of default of water or breaking of his mills, then it shall be lawful to grind elsewhere. Also making and giving to him pannage for his pigs as is accustomed to be done.
Witnesses: Gervas ap Madok de Broghton, Robert Corbyn, Roger the son of Richard, Adam le Botiler, William Corbyn, Robert de Maysham, Richard de Maysham, and others.
Dated at Hawardyn the Monday next after the feast of St Bartholomew the Apostle, 17 Edward 11 (29 August 1323).