CTH 1/3

Charter by which William the son of Robert Pulford concedes to all the burgesses of the town of Congleton and the whole community of the said town common pasture for their animals of any kind, as they were accustomed to have without any impediment or disturbance within these limits, viz from les Threlowes upon the underwood of Waleffeld desending in a line as far as the hedge at Aschcroft, and so following the said hedge as far as the outward ends of his bounds towards Congleton, and there commencing at the north part of the aforesaid les Threlowes, going in a line as far as in Marlache where the way leads from Yeyton Castle and Merlache adjoins, and so following Merlache as far as the bounds of Congleton; to hold the same to them and their heirs for ever.
Witnesses: Sir Hugh de Aldelegh then justiciar of Chester, Richard de Foulhurst then sheriff of Chester, Sir Simon Tuschet, William de Vener, Richard de Morton, Randle de Astebury, Richard the clerk, and others.
Temp Edward 11.