CTH 1/2


To all the faithful in Christ who shall see or hear this present writing, William, lord of Horton, sends everlasting greetings in the lord. Know that I have conceded, and by this my present writing have confirmed, to Adam son of William de Horton and his heirs the whole of that land which the same Adam bought of William de Meyngwaring with all its appurtenance. To have and to hold to the said Adam, and to his heirs, or to his assigns as freely and quietly as is contained in our original charter which the same Adam and his heirs or his assigns have from the aforenamed William de Maynwaring. And for this my grant and in confirmation of this my present, writing the said Adam gave to me beforehand 20s of silver. In addition, because I will that this my concession and confirmation of my present writing shall obtain the force of perpetual stability, I have confirmed this present writing with an impression of my seal.
Witnesses: Robert de Wynington, Randle Starky, Randle de Berthynton, John de Merbury, Hugh his brother, Stephen the hunter, William le Bret, Robert the chaplain, and others
Temp Henry 111 or Edward 1.